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Herman E. Wesley III is a native of Newark, New Jersey, born on October 17, 1961 at St. James Hospital to the parentage of Herman E. and Annie Wesley.  He was the second oldest of six children.  Herman was educated in the public school system of Plainfield, New Jersey, and attended college in Terrell, Texas where he received an Associate’s Degree from Southwestern Christian College, continuing his undergraduate studies at Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where in 1989 he earned his bachelor’s degree in Bible and Church Growth. In September 2010 he received an Honorary Doctorate of Ministry from the National Academy of Christian Studies.  He is the “preaching son” of Evangelist Eugene Lawton and the Newark Church of Christ in Newark, New Jersey.

Herman has always been active in the social and political arena. As a young man he was selected to represent the state of New Jersey in Washington Workshops, a special program which selected two persons from each state to participate in a mock congress. The program was sponsored by Union Carbide Corporation. Wesley received special honors from the New Jersey State Legislature because of his political involvement and interests at such a young age.

Herman’s involvement in the political and service arena flourished during his ministry in Denton, Texas. He successfully served as Chairman of the Governor’s Red Ribbon Commission Against Drugs, Chairman of the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center Advisory Board (Denton Parks and Recreation), Chairman of the Denton Independent School System’s Multicultural Advisory Board, Founding Chairman of the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce, an offshoot of the “Main Chamber” that enjoyed full cooperation and support of the business community, Commissioner with the Denton Housing
Authority, Member of the United Way Appropriations Committee, Member of First State Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act Board, and CEO of The Herman Wesley Companies USA, through which he published EBONY NEWSJOURNAL, with outlets in Denton, Dallas-Fort Worth, Waco-Austin, Houston and East Texas. Currently he is the Publishing Editor of THE REVIVALIST NEWSMAGAZINE, a religious, subscription based publication that circulates 10,000 magazines, quarterly across the USA. In 2003 he was contacted to participate in a brotherhood project with THOMAS NELSON PUBLISHERS to pen an entry into their new Study Bible, THE ORACLES OF GOD (NKJV) CHRISTIAN EDITION on Prayer.

For eight years he served as Minister to the Southside Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama, through which he initiated a weekly television broadcast, three radio broadcasts, community service programming and many capital improvements. This congregation, under his leadership, grew from 175 to over 550 members. The financial strength of the congregation grew as well, from $200,000 in 1997 to $550,000 in 2003. He also conducted several successful missionary campaigns in the back country of Jamaica, leading over 30 souls to Christ. In May 2004, Herman Wesley resigned his position at the Southside Church. He attended the GracePointe congregation for several months as he sought guidance from God and strength for his family. In August 2004 he planted the NorthPointe Church of Christ, where he now serves. This congregation of saints models a servant’s spirit and seeks to reach out, in a comprehensive fashion, to empower people for living today, and to present to people the message that will prepare them for life tomorrow. In July, 2006, the NorthPointe church purchased a $2 million facility in North Montgomery at 4050 Fairground Road. In this facility they worship, operate the NorthPointe Christian Academy and The NorthPointe Empowerment Project, which is designed to educate and equip the community in such diverse areas as parenting, how to purchase homes, credit repair and narcotic and alcohol rehab. The NorthPointe church has a very vibrant benevolent ministry and an exciting and visionary outreach ministry. Since moving into their new facility three years ago, they have witnessed over 120 persons accepting Christ as Lord through baptism. In February 2007 he and his wife were the personal guests of U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. He was the only minister invited from the State of Alabama.

Herman is married to Sonja, and they have been together for 27 years. They have two sons, Brandon JeMarcus and Christian Rischard.

Contact Information:
hwusa@me.com / 334.538.4005
Post Office Box 240923
Montgomery, Alabama 36124-0923


D​r. Herman E. Wesley III

I am honored to serve as the founding minister of the NorthPointe Church of Christ.  This congregation of saints are committed to making people feel welcome, in an environment that encourages personal growth,  perseverance and authenticity.  

Through a variety of challenges, this church continues to move forward, preaching, teaching, and modeling the Spirit of Christ in our community through service programs that include the Inner City Ministry, which reaches out to children in the Montgomery Housing Projects, our Benevolent Food Pantry, where we work in cooperation with the Montgomery Area Food Bank, and our increased evangelistic efforts, which will be highlighted when nearly 4,000 saints from across the USA converge on the City of Montgomery in June 2013 for the National Crusade for Christ.

This is my personal invitation to you to come and join with us on our journey towards heaven!

Originally from Newark, New Jersey, Dr. Wesley was invited to conduct a Revival during the 73rd Church Anniversary of the Newark Church of Christ, where his mentor, Dr. Eugene Lawton, has served for nearly 50 years.  In this clip, he is featured singing “When We All Get To Heaven!"

Dr. Wesley regularly speaks across the nation in a variety of conferences and seminars.  In December, 2011, he was a keynote speaker in Moss Point, Mississippi during the Annual Gulf Coast Lectures. In this clip he begins a sermon, “I Want To Know Him."


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